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Episcopal Priest currently Rector of St Martin's Providence, RI

All Aboard the Easter-Bound Liturgical Express

This Lent, I’ve been exploring the traditional spiritual disciplines of fasting and self-denial; meditation on God’s holy Word; and self-examination and repentance. My central theme has been that spirituality flows through practices that discipline the human heart. Spirituality needs a … Continue reading

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The Homeopathy of Repentance

Opening reflection I have been thinking about a recent experience. Late last year, I asked my bishop about the study resources he draws on in his preaching. Now, I should have known better. My bishop is quite a scholarly guy … Continue reading

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The God of the Covenant The old Testament lections for the previous two Sundays have recounted the evolution of a  crucial element in the historic relationship between God and humanity. This crucial element we call, covenant. On Lent I, we received a … Continue reading

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On Winning and Losing Life: a reinterpreation

Initial ramblings My response to the lectionary’s text is an individual response within a communal setting. Preaching is always an activity of speaking from within a shared context. The context for me is my life within a community of relationships and … Continue reading

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To Keep a Holy Lent: Re-imagined

Mark In those days, which is the equivalent to the modern TV phrase recently in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus appears at the Jordan and is baptized by John and the heavens are ripped apart and the Holy Spirit as … Continue reading

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The Call

It’s 4.15 on a Sunday morning and I wake early with thoughts about Paul’s letter to the Corinthians in my head. One friend is fond of saying to me: you need to get out more! The snow is gently falling … Continue reading

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Am I My Brother/Sister’s Keeper?

In the Episcopal Church has anyone ever questioned, or, even enquired after what you believe? Maybe they have, or even if no one has you may have had an occasion to volunteer the contents of your beliefs. If that is … Continue reading

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