They have no Wine

Sermon for Epiphany II by the Rev Linda Mackie Griggs, Director of Christian Formation, St Martin’s, Providence.   They have no wine. This is a declaration of a crisis. For the groom’s family to run out of wine during a multi-day wedding reception was no small matter. Hospitality was a crucial aspect of first-century Palestinian… More They have no Wine

Baptism of Christ

A sermon from the Rt. Rev Nicholas Knisely, 13th Bishop of Rhode Island on the occasion of his annual visitation to St Martin’s in Providence. There is no accompanying text.   [/audio

Feeling the Kick

“In those days…” A Sermon From The Rev Linda Mackie Griggs for the Fourth Sunday in Advent 20 December 2015  Luke was a master storyteller. The simplest phrase can draw the reader into a state of pondering. “In those days…” In those days of Roman occupation. In those days of oppression and heavy taxation under… More Feeling the Kick

The Answer my friend is blow’n in the wind

Sunday, December 13th is the Third Sunday in the season of Advent, a season of hope-filled preparation. Hope is a tricky thing because it is so often confused with optimism. Optimism is a positive outlook on life that flows from an experience of things going well. It’s opposite is pessimism, a despondent outlook on life flowing… More The Answer my friend is blow’n in the wind