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With Warm Breast and Ah! Bright Wings

Images I. The first chapter of Genesis opens upon a huge panorama: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And … Continue reading

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Worlds Apart?

I am very interested in the relationship between worlds. What do I mean by worlds? The language of Christian faith traditionally talks about this world and the next. I do believe there is a next world, although the mental picture … Continue reading

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Radical Inclusion

Samantha: “isn’t religion just a set of man-made rules?” Me: “Yes”, at one level that’s true.” Samantha: “So God is a man-made creation then?” Me: “No. Religion is the man-made pointer to the divine. I wonder if you think religion and God are … Continue reading

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Of Shepherds, Love, and other things

Herders and Shepherds My nephew is a high country sheep farmer and has recently taken over the family business from his father. In the high country of the South Island of New Zealand, a land where sheep outnumber people by … Continue reading

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Axis Revolutions

The struggle I find myself preoccupied with a particular struggle that takes place along the axis between the spiritual and temporal dimensions of experience. My struggle concerns how do I apprehend the spiritual in my experience? The answer is I … Continue reading

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Seeing is Believing – or Is It?

A startling discovery I found a report on NPR about a study conducted by psychological researchers at Johns Hopkins in multiple infant observations startled me this last week. The researchers seem to have discovered that the laws of Newtonian physics … Continue reading

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Ambivalence is a Good Place to Hide

Ambivalence scares me, especially my own.  In the area of most ambivalence, amidst the shallow, shoal infested waters that lie between hope and fear, there are moments when I find everything within me rising in hope and I cry out: save … Continue reading

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