Costs of the Kingdom

I In 1925 Pius XI proclaimed the feast of Christ the King as an assertion of the Catholic Church’s protest against the rise of fascism and the growing power of communism. Pius XI asserted the old Constantinian power of the Church as the only center of allegiance for Roman Catholics. At a considerable cost to… More Costs of the Kingdom

So Great a Cloud of Witnesses

Observing the fervent celebrations of Halloween, an anthropologist studying American culture might add a line in a learned paper: The eve of All Saints and All Souls remains one of the great folk religious customs that unifies the otherwise fractious and quarrelsome North Americans.  A little history The weekend of November 1st  All Saints-All Souls marks a cultural… More So Great a Cloud of Witnesses

Gripping Tightly or Holding Lightly (Mark 10:17-31)

For audio go to The Rev. Linda Mackie Griggs, Deacon and Director for Spiritual Formation, St. Martin’s Church. Two wrenching images stand out in today’s Gospel lesson. The first is of a young man grieving; trudging away as if weighted down by everything he owns—realizing for the first time the what the high cost is of following… More Gripping Tightly or Holding Lightly (Mark 10:17-31)