They have no Wine

Sermon for Epiphany II by the Rev Linda Mackie Griggs, Director of Christian Formation, St Martin’s, Providence.   They have no wine. This is a declaration of a crisis. For the groom’s family to run out of wine during a multi-day wedding reception was no small matter. Hospitality was a crucial aspect of first-century Palestinian… More They have no Wine

Baptism of Christ

A sermon from the Rt. Rev Nicholas Knisely, 13th Bishop of Rhode Island on the occasion of his annual visitation to St Martin’s in Providence. There is no accompanying text.   [/audio

Feeling the Kick

“In those days…” A Sermon From The Rev Linda Mackie Griggs for the Fourth Sunday in Advent 20 December 2015  Luke was a master storyteller. The simplest phrase can draw the reader into a state of pondering. “In those days…” In those days of Roman occupation. In those days of oppression and heavy taxation under… More Feeling the Kick