A very nice Conundrum

Thursday evening each week offers an opportunity for Trinity Cathedral folks to gather for Eucharist, a shared meal, and an exploration of what different aspects of daily spiritual practice looks and feels like. The evening is structured to reflect the Anglican emphasis on community worship, social fellowship, study, and reflection ending with participating in the … More A very nice Conundrum

Tender Competence

This Lent my internal reflections began on Ash Wednesday with issuing an invitation to the members of our Trinity Cathedral Congregation to ‘keep it simple’ in our desire to use Lent as an opportunity to deepen our sense of being in relationship with God.  What I had in mind was our need to become intentionally … More Tender Competence

Neuroscience and philosophy must work together Guardian Article

 By Barry Smith The brain is made up of a series of interlocking systems. Photograph: Sebastian Kaulitzki / Alamy/Alamy Sunday 4 March 2012 Theories of consciousness are challenged by recent research into the impact of brain function on the sense of self Human beings are part of nature. They are made of flesh and blood, … More Neuroscience and philosophy must work together Guardian Article

Life After Death

  The Final Frontier: reflections on the a faithful parishioner Our problem with death Death has become in our Western Society a frightening taboo. Our contemporary anxieties about death infect us all. Such concerns often outweigh a lifetime of Christian faithfulness. As we face the ultimate ending of life many of us discover that the … More Life After Death