Hush- Not Yet

Lauren Belfer’s novel And After the Fire is a story that plays with time. In this instance, the interplay of past and present superimpose upon each other. Traced through events in 18th and 19th century Berlin, Belfer chronicles the fate of a previously unknown Bach Cantata from the chaos of 1945 Weimar to present day … More Hush- Not Yet

A sermon for Epiphany 7 from John Reardon. John is a former Catholic priest fulfilling his internship at St Martin’s as part of his application to have his priesthood recognized in the Episcopal Church. You Are God’s Temple One of my favorite short stories by Flannery O’Connor is entitled, “Temple of the Holy Ghost.” It … More

On the Threshold

Sermon From the Rev. Linda Mackie-Griggs for Epiphany 6 I have been told that I am a perfectionist. Fair assessment. I’ve found that being a perfectionist is both a gift and a source of anxiety. That which makes me the go-to person in the office for proofing bulletins is the same thing that makes me fret … More On the Threshold

Preserving Salinity

Identity Stories shape identity. We come to know ourselves through the stories we build to explain our lives to others and ourselves. Each of our life stories comes in multiple versions, for as anyone who has attempted an autobiography will discover the way we currently construct our story is not the only way we can … More Preserving Salinity