Worth Considering?

* Increasingly, I have come to understand that stories are all we have and that human beings create meaning from the stories they construct. Contrary to popular perception, meaning is not something lying around waiting to be discovered. It’s only through the construction of stories, that we bring meaning and purpose to life. Each one … More Worth Considering?

Re-membering Memory

* The book of Isaiah falls into three sections, each with a different author who between them span some 230 years from the 720’s to the 5teens BCE. In the O.T. lesson for Advent Sunday we encountered the voice we now recognize as Trito or Third Isaiah, who in the around 515 BCE addresses the … More Re-membering Memory

Hope Is A Seed

Advent hope The Old Testament lesson for Advent Sunday comes from the voice we know as the Third Isaiah,[1] writing in the 6th-century BCE during the return of the Exiles from Babylon to Jerusalem. Like all Biblical texts, the writer has a context, writing for a specific audience facing real challenges as they live out … More Hope Is A Seed