Waiting to Inhale

A sermon from the Rev Linda Mackie Griggs for the Sunday after the Ascension For about two precious weeks each Spring, the scent of lilacs sweetens the air around my house. During that time I never miss the chance to stick my nose into a cluster of the blooms and take a big whiff. The … More Waiting to Inhale


  In the lead up to beginning The Bible Challenge at St Martin’s, there are two key questions that will focus our attention as we go forward. Firstly, how do we approach the language of the Bible? Secondly, how are we to understand what we read there? The Bible contains multiple literary genres and they … More Growing

Promise given through – not given to

Local context Evidence from RenewalWorks, a data gathering and strategic direction setting program from Forward Movement, shows that many Episcopal congregations are now placing spiritual deepening as a key priority. At St Martin’s in Providence, our experience of the RenewalWorks process certainly bears this out. The data we collected revealed 33% of the congregation self-describe … More Promise given through – not given to

What things?

A sermon for Easter 3 from the Rev Linda Mackie Griggs, assisting priest, St Martin’s Providence: Luke 24: 13-35 There are places in the Holy Land where it is possible to feel that you’re walking where Jesus walked. The shore of the Sea of Galilee. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem. A garden near the Mount … More What things?

Easter Thoughts

Easter Day remains one of only two days in the year when it’s possible to catch an echo of the way things used to be as far as church-going is concerned. St Martin’s will be fairly full at 8 o’clock and full to capacity at the 10 o’clock. Among those attending will be core members … More Easter Thoughts