Maundy Thursday Service

Last Supper Via Zoom

Agape & Table Fellowship is not a Eucharist, which cannot be celebrated without people being present. Instead, this is an ancient service where bread and wine are blessed and shared to emphasize the bonds of love and fellowship that hold us together in community for we who are many are one body because we all share in one bread.
We invite you to a virtual participation in this video service of table fellowship by having a small loaf of bread and a glass of wine ready to share at home.

Due to Coronavirus restrictions on movement and association the music otherwise sung by our choir is from You Tube recordings.

Hymn: 577 God is love, Choir of All Saints, Margaret, St London.

Readings: Exodus 12:1-14; John 13:1-15

Psalm: 116:10-16 Guildford Cathedral Choir, England.

Ubi Caritas: Taize Community Choir, France.

Sanctus: Taize -St. Maria Himmelfahrt, Frankfurt, Germany.

Hymn: 171 Go to Dark Gethsemane, Renee Pflughaupt, Clarinet, Joel Hekmann Viola, Paul Soulel, Organ.

Opening Prelude: 2 Variations on “Wondrous Love”, Steven Young, St Martin’s Organ

Maundy Thursday Agape & Table Fellowship Service
Technical producer Christian Tulungen
Photographer David Brookhart

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